Health History Sheet

The Health History Sheet is an invaluable tool for seniors, their families, caregivers and doctors.  It assembles in one place a person’s doctors, medications, medical health history, and BASELINE cognitive and activity levels. Too often, when an emergency strikes, or even on a day-to-day basis, this vital information cannot be easily retrieved, and decisions are made by healthcare professionals who lack a critical understanding of the “whole” patient and his or her individual history. This can have serious results, ranging from misdiagnoses to ineffective treatment regimes. Many times, these errors set an older person on a trajectory of permanent “step-downs” that could have been prevented if only the healthcare team had all the relevant date, as found in the The Gift of Caring Health History Sheet. (click on link to download.)

While it takes a little time and effort, conscientiously filling out this form with your doctor and keeping it updated at every visit can make all the difference in a senior’s healthcare management and help him or her to age successfully and safely.

Elizabeth Eckstrom, MD MPH

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